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On this page we will tell you how we conceived the marketplace.
And why is it important for women entrepreneurs
from different countries.

Women in business

We are a community of women founders of small local industries and brands. We create our things with great love.

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We are counting on your help and support. Please contact us to learn more about our marketplace. is a marketplace for female startup entrepreneurs who want to offer their wares and services not only to European markets, but to branch out to the US and other countries as well. is a global community of women entrepreneurs of small local manufacturers and brands. They have combined their efforts in this marketplace in order to push their wares and services onto the international market.
The website allows anyone to start their own business, as well as share their experiences and recommendations with other businesswomen.
A comfy online-boutique by women, for women (and others, too). Quality, beauty and creativity.
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The main consumer base of online shops today are women, whose share exceeds men’s by 15%.
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Those are, by and large, millennials, Gen X-ers, and Baby Boomers.
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The e-commerce market in the US totals $184 billion, which makes up 53% of the world’s electronic commerce. Austria’s share is less than 1%. The average person in the US spends $1104 shopping online, $4500 per household. In Europe, meanwhile, this number does not exceed $2500 (with the exception of Norway, where the average money spent shopping online per household goes up to $5600 yearly)
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34 to 47% of all consumers of make-up, accessories, household supplies, clothes, shoes, and presents, prefer to shop online.
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Small, local brands always were pitted in an unfair competition against big manufacturers of cheap, mass-produced wares. They have survived chiefly on tourist attraction and local demand.
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In times of quarantine it is vitally important that local brands get a chance to offer their wares to the world.
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Many women find their creative hobby become not just a pastime, but a means to earn a living, especially in today’s times, when we see massive job cuts in hospice, trade, service and tourism. Women with children who once spent afternoons with hand crafting now possess the experience and skills that allow for production of not just individual unique articles, but small series.
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What problems does the marketplace solve?

I cannot come to you, but this is for now

The “Gift for a friend” - issue.

The “Gift for a friend” - issue. Consumers all across the world want to make a heartfelt and personal present to their faraway loved ones, but standard Amazon shovelware doesn’t cut it.

They’re ready to pay for something made with love and care.
We want to sell all over the world

The “medium-small-business” – issue

The “medium-small-business” – issue. There are thousands of small business owners in Austria involved in production of clothing, accessories, interior decorations, hygiene products and so on. They are, however, too small to officially register an American trademark on Amazon and too large to trade on (their products are batches, not individual articles).
Combatting the digital inequality in...

Combatting the digital inequality in female-led small business.

– Project goals

Assistance to women who lost their...

Assistance to women who lost their primary employment or who find themselves under threat of layoffs due to COVID.

– Project goals

Assistance to entrepreneurs who were...

Assistance to entrepreneurs who were forced to close down their local stores due to the quarantine in reaching the international market.

– Project goals

Helping LGBTQ + people who have...

Helping LGBTQ + people who have decided to start their own startup after facing discrimination while working for hire. On request, their stores can be marked with a special badge.

– Project goals

For every consumer in the world this...

For every consumer in the world this is a means to make an original and meaningful gift to friends and family in countries currently locked to them.

– Project goals

For every consumer in the world this...

For every consumer in the world this is a means to support ethical, ecological and local manufacturers.

– Project goals is a global community of women founders of small, local industries and brands.
"Gift for a friend"
We want to buy things made with love and creativity.
For buyers around the world, it's a way to support ethical, sustainable, local manufacturing.
Gift Ideas
There will be household goods, clothing, souvenirs and much more. Opening soon!

We have conceived many interesting solutions and are open to new ideas!

If you want to join our marketplace as a seller, buyer, author or blogger, then please leave your contacts: